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CassieSkins (UK) : Season 1 Episode 2

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 1.

CassieSkins (UK) : Season 1 Episode 2

Cassie is a very complicated character. She suffers from anorexia nervosa, self harm, and low self esteem.[1] Her entire self worth is dependent on her weight, in one episode saying "I didn't eat for three days... so I could be lovely."[2] She also drinks alcohol and takes drugs. In the episode "Tony" she is seen sorting food, a common occurrence shown by people with anorexia. Despite Cassie's many "problems", she is a very gentle, caring,kind, and loving person. Written on her "about me" section of the Skins website, she talks about how much she loves her baby brother, Reuben. Cassie will even act positive to bad news so that she will not offend.

Cassie is released from a clinic, where she received treatment for her eating disorder. In the first episode, called "Tony", she stays with Sid and offers to have sex so he can lose his virginity, but she passes out before anything happens. In the second episode "Cassie", it is shown that she is not better and is still sick. She has also developed a crush on Sid. In "Sid", the fifth episode of the season, Cassie tries to kill herself after Sid cancels a date they planned, so that he could be with Michelle Richardson. In "Michelle", Michelle takes Sid to see Cassie, but Cassie is dating someone called Simon, a patient in the hospital she is currently in. In the last episode of the season, Cassie says she is moving to Scotland with her family, away from Bristol. Cassie writes Sid a letter and leaves it at his house after sneaking out the hospital. She is also given a letter Sid wrote to her from Tony Stonem. In the last moment of the season, Sid finds Cassie and they sit together and hold hands.

Cassie and Sid are in a serious romantic long distance relationship. In "Sid", the third episode, Sid thinks Cassie is cheating on him and becomes angry at her. Cassie is also angry, but because Sid does not trust her. At the end of the episode Cassie takes a train from where she lives in Scotland to Bristol, to visit Sid. She waits in his bedroom for him, but when Sid enters the bedroom he is kissing Michelle (not noticing that Cassie is also there). In "Chris", the fifth episode, Cassie bitterly tells her friends that Sid is together with Michelle. She copes with her feelings by having sex with almost anyone, doing drugs, and partying. In "Effy" Sid finally confronts Cassie and her bad behavior. The two get back together, but in "Cassie", it is clear that Cassie is still angry towards Michelle. After Cassie's roommate and friend Chris Miles dies, she runs away to New York City, where she is taken care of by a boy called Adam. In the finale "Everyone", in the last moment of the episode, Sid looks for Cassie in New York, and stops in front of the diner she works in.

Throughout the episode Cassie is also being tempted by her own subconscious to eat. Starting off with her waking up at the party with food all over her body. It may not seem like much for a Skins party to turn into a major food fight, but the fact that the first scene we see of Cassie in her episode is her covered in food is quite telling. Then throughout her episode she is taunted by mysterious messages telling her to eat. At first she thinks that it is Sid telling her these things, but later finds out that it was her own mind telling her to eat. She wanted someone to notice and someone to care enough to send those messages so she desired it to be Sid. However she only needs her own permission which is what the Taxi driver Alan informed Cassie of. We also see that Cassie keeps a drawer of sweets underneath her bed which also indicates the constant battle and need for control Cassie has. She even informs Sid of the her methods not to eat which involves quite a bit of deceit, manipulation and distraction.

One of the best scenes of the episode is when Cassie sits with Sid at the lunch table. Cassie mentioned to Sid that his relationship with Tony is a special one. That Sid looks up to Tony. She voiced what we all know about Sid that he is a follower not a leader. He does hero worship Tony. Cassie by nature of being a watcher is privy to the subtle mannerisms people have in order to better understand the true motivations of others.

Another brush with the gangster (played by Mackenzie Crook) comes in the following episode, during a rave taking place in the Redcliffe Caves. The entrance to this subterranean venue lies (apparently) beneath a man-hole cover just across the water from Thekla in a car park on Redcliffe Parade.

The hit Channel 4 series Skins became a worldwide sensation when it premiered in 2007. The series is divided into three generations of characters, each of whom gets at least one dedicated episode. This allows viewers to get to know each character more intimately and understand what's going on in their lives when they're apart from their friends.

An ancillary character to the main cast, Posh Kenneth appears in several episodes throughout the first three seasons of Skins, mainly as Anwar's friend. Posh is a street rapper who's very articulate and well-read and acts as the fun-loving party pal. In addition to being a source of comic relief, Kenneth demonstrates the strong will and determination of the Taurus.

Chris is a standard wandering Sagittarius, never staying in one place for too long. After his mom unexpectedly abandons him in season 1, Chris is left to fend for himself, unable to responsibly handle things. His party animal lifestyle and open-minded philosophies reflect those of the Sagittarius.

During his controversial season 2 episode, Jal convinces Chris to give up his "f*** it" attitude and take some responsibility by finding himself a job, which goes against the grain of the nomadic Sagittarius. This zodiac is known to be rebellious, restless, and always craving freedom. Nobody can truly contain Chris, and this is true right up until his tragic death.

There's a love square at play in season 1 of Skins when Sid's unrequited love for Michelle, his best friend Tony's girlfriend, blinds him from Cassie's obvious advances. However, as a Pisces, he holds onto the emotional pain of this romantic mishap for a long time. Like this water sign, Sid isn't willing to take action in his relationships, which usually leads to everyone around him suffering.

Munchkin:Where is the dress Effy wore to the rave in episode 1 series 2 from? i absolutely love her style, you dress her amazingly, it matches her personality exactly. please show us more of effie she is immense!!

In Naomi's series four episode, she and Emily ride their bikes through Abbot's Leigh. They're able to forget the outside pressure on their relationship and get closer through an impromptu swim and sleepover at Abbot's Pool.

In Pandora's series three episode, Effy runs to the water's edge on Cumberland Road after her mother reveals an affair with her father's boss. Pandora runs after her and the girls have a little friendship moment before they run into Katie and her boyfriend. 041b061a72


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