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Sound Of Legend - When The Beat Drops Out

No matter how they come, a good production switch-up is everything. Today, double songs aside, XXL spotlights these perfectly executed hip-hop beat transformations that take you from one sound to the other. Here Are 25 Perfectly Executed Hip-Hop Beat Switches. You can listen to them below.

Sound Of Legend - When The Beat Drops Out

Music is among the easiest facets in which to provoke an emotional response and inject energy into a crowd, and there is no equal in this regard to the power of a beat drop. In this list, we cover legendary songs with some of the best beat drop songs of all time. These songs are bound to get you jumping and any party bumping!

This is a fun one, as the song is technically classified as having Lo-Fi undertones with deep trap metal and dense hip-hop vibes. Of course, all of this is jam-packed into a tune with hard beat drops and intense bass lines.

Tyga always goes hard, but this particular piece has insanely hard bass lines and beat drops that are genre-leading and speaker-destroying. Just a few seconds in is all you need to get your dose of speaker-slamming heart-pumping beats.

Brace yourself for Friday, the second day of Primavera Sound in the Fòrum, with the eternal muse of New York rock, avant-garde poet and historic pioneer of punk headlining. Patti Smith (8pm) is back at the festival to perform in its entirety 'Horses' (1975), the record that made her a legend and sealed her a top spot in the history of rock. Other big names of the day include Belle & Sebastian (9.30pm), an institution in Scottish pop who opened doors to new musical horizons as they've once again demonstrated with their latest album, 'Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance', which combines their usual chamber pop with bits of dancing beats. There's also Ride (11.45pm), pioneers of the shoegaze sound and creators of the emblematic albums 'Nowhere' and 'Going Blank Again'. Also noteworthy are Canadian band The New Pornographers (7.30pm), who will present the fantastic 'Bill Bruisers', their first album in four years; The Julie Ruin (8.35pm), a pop-punk band brought to you by the great Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), who had to drop out of last year's line-up due to the illness that Hanna made pulic in the documentary 'The Punk Singer'; the powerful female trio Sleater-Kinney (10.20pm), who shook up punk and brought new life to the riot grrrl movement, with their new album 'No Cities to Love'; the dramatic and emotional pop of Perfume Genius (9.30pm), a hypersensitive project by Mike Hadreas; and the always surprising Ariel Pink (12.10am).Find out who's playing on the opening day, which is free to everyone, on Wednesday 27, as well as the other official festival days, Thursday 28 and Saturday 30. For more on Primavera Sound 2015, see our list of top bands to watch out for as well as the top 10 headliners, get yourself in the mood with our PS15 playlist, and find out how best to get to and from the festival venue. 041b061a72


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