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[S1E6] Got Your SiX

That was why Caitlin was at the risk of being the downer of "got your siX" for me. I see it from her perspective, but I didn't necessarily agree with her view that these kids need some form of normalcy.

[S1E6] got your siX

Overall, "got your siX" was another solid hour with some fantastic development between multiple characters. Hopefully, Jace will find a way to stand out as an antagonist before being stuck as a one-dimensional business suit.

Thunderbird: I was wrong, I should have saved him. I'm starting to think the X-Men maybe made a mistake choosing me to be part of the undergroundDreamer: Johnny, you can't think that way! I know you want to live to who your father was, but you are doing all you can.

If you haven't been keeping up with The Gifted (and you should be), the story centers on the Strucker family who find themselves caught between the Mutant Underground resistance fighters and the Sentinel Services tasked with hunting them down. It's a very well-done superhero story set within the X-Men universe, and as if that wasn't ambitious enough, it's tackling a story on three levels: the adolescent mutant Strucker children and their fellow mutant friends, the super-powered young adults attempting to lead the resistance, and the human adults on both sides. The war is heating up, but "got your siX" used its time to deepen character development and relationships while letting the all-out conflict simmer a little longer.

And like the episode's opening flashback led me to believe, I thought this hour was going to be all about John Proudstar. It wasn't, not exactly, but Blair Redford made the most of his screen time. Whether it's four years earlier in Phoenix where he and his fellow military veteran friend are raising funds for the victims of the 7/15 Disaster in Dallas (and defending innocent bystanders from pipebomb-throwing rednecks) or in the present day reinforcing the Mutant Underground amidst swelling refugee numbers and dwindling resources, Thunderbird best flexes his mutant muscles when it's in service of others. He may be clutch in a fight, but "got your siX" opted to show us the psychological struggle John's dealing with in quieter moments. That's something you don't find in too many modern action series.

"got your siX" was more about in-depth character development and relationship exploration (and a little bit of moving the pieces around) than it was an all-out actioner or an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride. The Gifted makes these episodes work. Perhaps it's the shared amount of storytelling so that one character or pairing doesn't have to shoulder the whole load; perhaps it's the fact that there's not a bad match-up or solo story on this show just yet, so it all works. The father/son stuff is always a nice emotional tug if done well and I'm happy to say that The Gifted knows just what buttons to push. The added bonus is that the "mutant" effect adds a whole new layer to a familiar story, one that makes The Gifted every bit as worthwhile as its source material.

RECAP: Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13Season 1, Episode 06:got your siX"We always used to talk about going camping. And here we are... the wilderness."Written by Melinda Hsu Taylor Directed by Craig Siebels

Yeah, you know, someone who's been to a lot of the industry conferences of the last decade or decade and a half. I can remember back to the early days where you know, a lot of evangelists of crypto would show up at these events. And the more tenured attendees would kind of roll their eyes and mock them a little bit. And they'd be stuck on some side panels, some small room way away from the main stage. And that all changed a few years ago. And now I think it's completely changed. I think your main headliners at some of these events. And the most, you know, the the panels and discussions that draw the most attendees will be based on crypto, there's a knowledge gap there and I was trying to learn more. Like you said a lot of the institutions are now kind of coming into it and coming into it kind of in a big way. But the industry itself is kind of starting to evolve as well. I mean, Coinbase went public. That's big. Huh, bye Nance has exploded, you know, and they're kind of in this, this gray area to where they were trying to be decentralized, you know, and now they're understanding that, you know, from a compliance and legal perspective, that's not really going to work. A lot of regulators around the world, I've let them know that that's not going to work. And so they're trying to locate a headquarters and, and I gotta say, I was kind of surprised that news came out that looks like they're not gonna end up in Singapore, I was putting a little bit of money on Singapore being one of the places that it would end up I know, they're looking at Ireland and a couple other places, but it just seemed like Singapore would be a good fit. So we'll see where we're binance ends up setting up a HQ. But that's just another example of an industry that's maturing, as you said, and also the acceptability of it. I mean, 2021 was the year when Tesla and Elon Musk they started accepting bitcoin payments for Tesla's and then when the the backlash came from the environmental side about how you know, the damage and how unfriendly the environment Bitcoin mining is, you know, Elon stopped taking payments for Tesla's in Bitcoin, and then very quickly started taking payments again. So it's just this this headline grabbing thing where people first can and then can't, and then can, again, buy a car with Bitcoin?

Well, you know, it's not just Tesla to you know, Pay Pal visa, other companies are starting to offer it in a way that that almost starts to legitimize it as a currency and not just an asset for speculation, you know, if you can buy it on your payments, apps, and then conduct payments on your payments, apps, that's almost like using Bitcoin as a currency, many big strides this year for that.

Yeah, just getting back to the payment for order flow aspect of it. I don't think that will change much in the US here. But, you know, there are some pretty honest questions being asked about it. Like you have these entities, entities paying money for information. And we're supposed to believe that they're not benefiting from that. These are smart people paying money for information, why would they pay money for that information if they weren't going to be able to monetize it in some way? Like that whole premise is, is pretty crazy. There's also some folks I mean, that there was an investigation into the relationship between, you know, Robin Hood and Citadel and some of the other entities and whether they colluded and all this whole thing. And when Robin who was freezing, you know, retail traders out of their accounts, that investigation found that there was no collusion. But there are people out there who still kind of think that, you know, where there's smoke, there's fire, you know, you don't have to have, you know, the text thread or the email or the phone records of the actual communication. If your neighbor's house is on fire, you look out the window. You don't have to wait for him to call you or send you a text, please help. You know, it's in your best interest to go help. So but yeah, the investigation found there was no wrongdoing there. You know, and, and Robin Hood and other you know, platforms like that are still wildly popular and gonna get even more popular,

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Well, tonight I will be reviewing the first episode of the CloneWars! Ambush! So, this episode is the only episode in the show thathas Yoda fighting. When I say fighting I mean fighting! He'scutting up tanks, droids, and destorying Droidakas! The threeclones in the episdoe were Rys, Jek, and Thire. The entireepisode is action packed which is what I like to see! You have thesmall groups of Battle Droids and tanks blowing up everywhere andmoutains blowing up! Now if you like the ACTION ACTION episodesthen this isn't your episode. Trust me it has a lot of action butit isn't one of those episodes that has like 100% action!

Hello guys! Well, this week I wanted to do something verydifferent. Since Ahsoka will not be in the bonus content, I wantyou guys to your own outcome. She can die in a certain way or teamup with Asajj Ventress or go back to her homeworld etc. Justso many choices! So please put your fan fiction in the commentsbelow. See ya next week! Bye!

Hello. For the ones who do not know, we will not know what willhappen to Maul after the Lawless episode because in the bonus arcsMaul will not been seen. So its up to us to create a hypothisis ofwhat Maul's fate is. Will he die? Will he be Sidious's newapprentice? We have to decide! Please put your best hypothisis inthe comment section! Bye

No matter how you see abortion, I hope that you can understand how gut-wrenching this law is for women. I hope that you can feel how dehumanizing it is to have your own bodily autonomy taken away from you. I hope you can feel how terrifying it is to know that your aspirations are conditional. I hope you understand how terrified young women are in this country.

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