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One Piece 1052

Zoro and King separate from the other fighters. Zoro slices off another piece of King's mask, revealing part of his scalp. King's attacks send Zoro flying off the island but Zoro manages to get back onto the island. They continue the battle in the air. Meanwhile, as they battle inside, Queen begs Sanji to put on his Raid Suit.

One Piece 1052


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The release time is different per region, so double-check your time zones to find out when it airs. Like previous episodes, Episode 1052 will become available in other countries after 1.5 hours from the Japan release.

One Piece Episode 1052 is crucial as the conflict on Onigashima nears its conclusion. Luffy uses advanced conqueror's haki against Kaido while Inuarashi and Nekomamushi bravely face off against Beast Pirate Jack and Charlotte Perospero.

One Piece Episode 1052 will air at 9:30 am on February 19 in Japan on local TV networks. The translated chapters are typically released during the day. The chapter will be available to readers in Australia and Japan on Monday, February 20. Here's the list of timings in different places around the planet:

Episode 1052 of One Piece will be released on Saturday, February 18th or Sunday, February 19th depending on your location. In Japan, Fuji TV will air the latest episode, while Crunchyroll has licensed the series for international fans. You can follow the time schedule given below to watch the new episode as soon as it drops:

The episode is titled "A Legend All Over Again! Luffy's Fist Roars in the Sky." It focuses on Luffy's fight with Kaido, the captain of the Beasts Pirates. This clash shows Luffy's progress as a fighter. The two characters used their Conqueror's Haki, which caused the sky to split. This was a nice throwback to the clash between Shanks and Whitebeard that took place early in the series. Due to the massive burst of Haki, the sky began to clear, which enabled Inuarashi and Nekomamushi to revert to their Sulong forms. The two Scabbards used this opportunity to defeat Jack and Perospero. Needless to say, their victories meant that the alliance took another strong step in the right direction. Nekomamushi's win meant that he completed his mission to avenge Pedro. Meanwhile, Inuarashi managed to punish Jack for what he did to the Minks on Zou. In the episode, fans also saw Yamato helping Momonosuke get over his fear of flying. Given the events of the previous episode, One Piece Episode 1052 is bound to provide even more entertainment for the viewers.

The next episode is titled, "The Situation Has Grown Tense! The End of Onigashima!". From the title alone, it is evident that Episode 1052 will be phenomenal and packed with action. It will be released on February 19, 2023. The episode will focus on Kaido and Luffy's fight, which is extremely significant to the alliance's chances of winning the war. Luffy certainly looks much more energetic, and he is gearing up to defeat the Yonko and end his tyrannical reign over Wano.

Fans who want to watch One Piece Episode 1052 can legally stream it on Crunchyroll. Those who want to start watching the anime from the beginning can watch seasons 1-13 on Netflix. The anime will continue to air weekly until February 26th, 2023, after which the anime will be on break for two weeks because the broadcasting slots are being occupied by other series. One Piece anime will return on March 19th, 2023. This minor break is the perfect time to catch up on the anime for fans who are several episodes behind.

Ryokugyu's real name is still unknown, and his nickname means "Green Bull" (every Admiral has a name that includes an animal and a color). He is part of the "new generation" of Admirals, selected after the events of the Summit War shook up the Marines' hierarchy. One Admiral (Aokiji) resigned and another one (Akainu, the man who killed Luffy's brother Ace) was promoted to Grand Admiral, leaving two spots open that were filled by Issho and Ryokugyu. The latter was only shown as a silhouette in the manga until now. He is considered a "monster" in terms of strength, like every other Admiral, but his powers were still unknown. One Piece's chapter #1052 finally revealed a glimpse of them, showing Ryokugyu flying towards Wano Country, using a giant flower sprouting from his back and spinning like helicopter blades.

"One Piece" 1052 is most likely a transition installment following the action-packed chapters leading to the end of the "roof piece," otherwise known as the battle on the roof of the Skull Dome that sent Kaido to the bottom of the underwater volcano. Industry insiders claim the upcoming manga installment would show Zunishia has left because the borders are closed.

"One Piece" 1052 is reportedly titled "New Morning" and is set to roll out Sunday. More spoilers could surface online sometime between Wednesday and Thursday, while raw scans could become available between Thursday and Saturday.

One Piece chapter 1052 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, as soon as it is released on Sunday. Please use the official websites to read the manga. We would advise all the One Piece fans to use official means to read the manga, as it helps support the author whom we love and respect.

The newest episode of the series officially kicked off Luffy and Kaido's fight with an explosive clash of their fists that tore the sky above Onigashima open, and the next episode of the series is teasing the immediate fallout of this as Momonosuke Kozuki and Yamato need to somehow keep the island afloat while Luffy is focusing his efforts on taking down the Emperor. You can check out the preview for Episode 1052 of One Piece below as released by Toei Animation:

Episode 1052 of One Piece is titled "The Situation Has Grown Tense! The End of Onigashima!" and the promo for the episode teases it as such, "A large stock of explosives and weapons. If they fall, they will explode. Onigashima, transformed into a giant bomb, looms over the Flower Capital! To stop the flying death fortress that has begun to collapse, Yamato and Momonosuke's top-secret operation is launched!" As teased by the promo, Momonosuke's going to need to act quickly.

However, news of an extensive break to the original manga series is sweeping the internet, as author Eiichiro Oda takes a short hiatus before the Summer schedule begins. Thankfully, there is some positive news for fans still; the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1052 have now leaked online, teasing another minor time skip.

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One Piece anime finally showed us the clash between Kaidou and Luffy in the chapter that was released last weekend. Now, everyone wants to know when the next chapter, i.e., Chapter 1052, will get released.

One Piece Episode 1052 will be released in Japan on Sunday, February 19, 2023, at 11:00 PM JST, and Crunchyroll will get the episode for fans outside Japan. However, you must follow the below time schedule:

One Piece Episode 1052 release date is set for the next week without any break and it has excited yet again for a new episode as situations get dire. Watching Momo forming clouds and flying was one of the best things that the last episode had to portray. We are getting close to the end of Wano soon as enemies are falling one after another.

While we have heard the rumors of the One Piece anime going on a two-week break, the month of February will still bring new episodes to the end, and next, we might see another lead performer fall. However, the preview for One Piece Episode 1052 says otherwise as the falling Onigahisma is the main concern at this point.

It is also shown in the preview that the island is filled with explosives and stopping it from falling is the only way to save the flower capital. While Momo and Yamato are planning to stop the island from falling, the preview for One Piece Episode 1052 also shows different events with Luffy and Kaido fighting and also Zoro vs King.

One Piece Episode 1052 will be filled with another action-packed adventure while the tension of stopping an island from falling grows. Check out the release date and various details for One Piece Episode 1052 below.

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